Meet our Team (Part 3)

Name: Samuel Gordor

P2G Position: Program Coordinator

Hometown: Dzodze

“I believe in empowerment, especially the empowerment of women and children. I believe that in Africa, Ghana especially, many people in these groups are vulnerable to abuse and can be left behind. This is especially true for those from the villages and remote areas.

Sexual education and the sugar-daddy issue are important because most Ghanaian parents hardly talk about them with their kids. You realize that as these kids grow up, they know nothing about these issues. This can make them more vulnerable to people who approach them with gifts in exchange for sex. I believe that if we can educate them on the consequences, maybe we will be able to help reduce the rate of early pregnancies.

The first thing that happens when a girls gets pregnant is she drops out of school. Life becomes very difficult. Most of these girls’ parents don’t have enough to support them and when they get pregnant it brings an additional burden to their family. It can worsen the living standard of the whole family.

I chose development studies for my master’s degree because I want to contribute to policy research and implementation. It is in line with my passion to alleviate poverty in our society and also contribute to the empowerment of the vulnerable in our society.”