Meet our Team (Part 2)

Name: Joyce Stoff 

P2G Position: Program Coordinator

Hometown: Takoradi

“Back in University I worked as an HIV AIDS activists. I was a financial secretary for FaceAids, a university group that I helped form. Basically, we organized workshops and programs on campus and talked about HIV AIDS awareness. We joined the Ghana Aids Commission to do a larger program for World AIDS Day. We went to hospitals that had HIV AIDS departments.

During that time, I met a lot of young girls who had the virus and were also pregnant. I wished we could have done more for them. If someone had been there for them and helped educate them, I wonder how would their story have been different.

Empowering girls is very important because it can help a girl achieve her dreams. For instance, I wanted to be a doctor, a gynecologist, because a lot of women feel shy seeing a male gynecologist. But I was told that girls don’t become doctors, you can only become a nurse. I was told I wasn’t good enough and that really affects your self-esteem. If we help girls to overcome those things, I think we can help them to achieve whatever they want.”