Meet our Team (Part 1)

Name: Eva Abugabe

P2G Position: Change Agent Educator

Hometown: Navrongo

"I applied to power to girls because I fell in love with the concept of empowering girls and I was willing to do anything to help achieve this goal.

There are so many things that I am interested in, but if there is one thing that I want to be remembered for at the end of my life it is that I am a woman who did not sit idle. I want to be remembered as a woman who stood up and spoke up for women and the marginalized in society. I want to be remembered as a woman whose brand was helping to enable women and girls to change the world. If I don’t stand up for others, then I’m shooting myself in the foot because the issues that affect another woman also affect me.

Poverty has the biggest effect on women and girls, particularly young girls because they are the most vulnerable. If you are living in very poor conditions, then you have little resources to achieve your goals or to even recognize or realize your potential. So you might be more tempted to accept gifts from anybody who can provide you help, regardless of the consequences. Sometimes it doesn’t come with demands, but with sugar-daddies it does.

Growing up, I have always had people tie my potential and my abilities to my height (Eva is 5’1”). People think that greater things are done by people who are tall or greater in size and that smaller things are done by smaller people. But I am breaking that trend and I am breaking that perception."